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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I am a woman!

I am beautiful but I do not have size zero.
I look picturesque but I am no muse
I write story but I am not the intro
Practically inclined yet I do visualise

I am a woman!
I am eternal!

Men admire me for who I am
Men love me more for who I hide inside
Being a secret, I draw them near to know me
Sadly, they never discover me
Is it my inner purity that attracts their minds?
Is it my strength that draws them my way?
I replied with confidence in my eyes!

I am a woman!
I am eternal!

All eyes on me when I walk around
All smiles on me when I meet raised eyes
I am chased when I move back
What is in me? They question?
Is it my silky route to heaven that gets them trapped?
Is it my magic of laughter that clinches their minds?
I answered with leaving a grin behind!

I am a woman!
I am eternal!

Promises, responsibilities and aspirations!
I focus to achieve more and more
I have walked miles, yet I have to reach the shore
Calm, composed, and doing my chore
Why I do not hesitate to try once more? They question?
Is it the power of my radiant face?
Is it my poised body movement?
I reassure them with the twinkle of my eye!

I am a woman!
I am eternal!

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मनोज कुमार said...

हैपी विमेन्स डे!

AD said...

Women were, are and will always be a mystery for everyone..impossible to decipher them, read them,judge them or understand them...the loveliest mysterious creation of God ever...yet the one to be respected the most, cared the best way possible and protected the hardest manner ever...

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