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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Changing Relevance of SEO Copywriting 2.0

Traditionally, search engine copywriting is about writing suitable copies for the websites, giving quick tour of a company’s capabilities (products and services) and targeting keywords and keyphrases in defined densities. Now, SEO copywriting is more than an information piece on the website. It has transformed as an effective tool that can revolutionize your internet marketing campaign.

Thanks to customer awareness and onset of Web 2.0, online customers demand more than just information on websites. In this changing scenario, words are seen as powerful entities to drive people to become customers. Website content is seen as the most impressive and convincing piece of information that compels customers to explore the whole website via a trustworthy partnership in a longer run.

Keywords and keyphrases are still important but, creative copies are in high demands. Today, creating an interesting, compelling, informative and user-friendly content is needed for every online business ranging from start-ups to established businesses. Nowadays, the need is to make judicious selection of information that compels users to link back to you or come back to you again and again. It is not wrong to say, writers play a crucial role of artists by making a balance of everything from words, expression, information, flow, context, quantity and quality within content to retain a large number of customers in a longer run.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Online Business, Importance, and Changing Trends of Content Writing

The network of online businesses looks very promising and tempting for a young, vibrant, energetic and thoughtful mind that nurtures the dreams of touching the skies by innovating smarter and workable ideas in a longer run. The ever growing network of Web gives endless opportunities for people who dare to think different. The medium of internet is simply a boon for people who have a hidden convincing power that takes shapes via interesting and useful ideas over the internet. Online businesses are the ideas that open new doors of growth, prosperity and development for anyone.

Billions identify it, millions try it but only a few get success in it; online business is not as easy as it sounds. It needs a solid planning, a strong alternate support and fully analyzed methodologies and strategies to practice it. Mere having an online identity i.e. a website is not enough. A website is like a face which provides you an identity but the real functionality is done by the strength and power of your organs. Hence, to add the value to the face like website, a website owner must ensure the capabilities and functionalities of its other organs such as its e-commerce side, technical aspect and others.

Content is an integral and the most important part of a website. Content equals to the heart to the body. Without the continuous working of heart, the body is just lifeless; likewise a website has no meaning without a meaningful and convincing content. As a faithful introducer, it introduces your business, as a confidant it approaches millions of unknown users to come to you to fulfill the needs, as a business icon, it invites vendors and associates from supporting industries to make a long-term partnership, and as a friend, content convinces you to give it a try to fulfill needs in a different way.

More than just few words that make some meaningful lines, content for a website is like having a successful communication between readers and the website. Content identifies the company and bridges the relationship with the targeted customers. Besides this, content has a vital role for increasing the traffic for an online business. Traffic means the number of people visiting the website. More traffic or number of people visiting your identity simply means more business and sales and profit for the business. Content can be optimized for all major search engines on relevant keywords to bring a website on top pages listings.

Meaning of Content Writing:

Web content writing is essentially a type of writing for attracting Internet surfers. Sounds easy? However, writing for Web can be a daunting task. The ingredients of writing for the Web are good researching, knowing your target customers, usage of words, and understanding industry, market as well as internet trends. However, only knowing above mentioned factors cannot assure you online success. Nowadays, web content writing needs to integrate elements of SEO in it. Content writing and SEO are primarily two sides of the online marketing coin. Content should integrate relevant keywords pertaining to the business of the website to be optimized for major search engines.

Trends in Online Content Writing:
With the changing form of online marketing, drastic changes can be observed in the field of content writing as well. Internet has become a multipurpose platform nowadays. Chat, share information, research, watch or get instant news, report on matters or get reports, make travel plans or spread your business connections, a single platform for all!

Aided by its unparalleled features such as faster speed and reach, Internet has assumed great importance in today’s way of living. There is hardly anything where internet cannot rescue you.

Keeping the changing trends of internet in mind, it is quite obvious that other aspect of Internet related activities will undergo a massive change. Content being an important and direct activity online has changed in a recent few years. Apart from mere a way to convince, share, or spread information, content has become a greatest package for a website that helps it introduce itself professionally or commercially. Content writing for web has categorized in many other forms of writing to satisfy customized needs. From ghost writing to SEO copywriting, newsletter creation to white paper writing, doing advertising to storyboarding; web content writing is sub-dividing into different forms to match with customers’ expectations.

Now, with the availability of so many formats and ways of writing styles, website owners can choose the right services to echo their business values and vision through their website content.

A website is not an advertising tool but it is a full-fledged running business online. Keeping it fresh, alive by inculcating new and innovative ideas, maintain to intact customer value can truly give you smarter ways to generate unlimited monetary growth, credible customer support and ageless life for your business identity.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Navratri: The Colorful Festival Dedicated to Goddess Shakti

Navratri, the colorful festival of nine days, is here once again. Originated from two words, ‘Nav,’ which means nine and ‘Ratri,’ which refers to nights, Navratri is the nine days devoted to the Shakti or Divine Mother. According to scriptures and puranas, Shakti is also known as ‘prakriti,’- the soulmate of ‘purusha.’ Worshippers of Shakti believe that ‘Prakriti’ and ‘Purusha’ are jointly responsible for the creation for the world. These nine days give us an opportunity to explore within us the true knowledge and the power of goddesses that connects us to the divine spiritual power and energy. During these nine days of divine power, human beings help us to liberate from the difficulties of the world.

Shaktipitha in Navratri:
Millions of people visit Skatipithas during these nine auspicious days. Shaktipithas are important pilgrimage temples that are dedicated to Shakti. According to ancient belief, Lord Vishnu had to cut the body of Sati, first wife of Lord Shiva into fifty-two pieces to avoid destruction by her husband who was agitated by Sati’s death. Shaktipithas are temples where these body parts are belived to have fallen. Thus, the nine days are celebrated to dedicate the power of three main goddesses; Lakshmi, Parvati, and Saraswati. During the first three days are prayed for the goddess of energy and action. The first three days are worshipped in the forms of Kumari, Parvati, and Kali which represent the three stages of womanhood; the virgin, responsible and caring wife, and aged, mature and angry old woman. From the fourth to sixth days, goddess Lakshmi is worshipped that symbolizes peace, fulfillment, bliss, and plenty. The final three days are dedicated to goddess Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge.


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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

An Insight on the Creation of Human Beings- the Finest Form of All 'Jeevas'

Recently, I bought a book called, Non-Fiction Collection - Volume 3 by Penguin Publication from the 'International Book Fair' held in Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. It has a chapter on myth and mythology. As an average informed person, my mythological understanding is limited to famous tele-serials thankfully and successfully running on all prominent television channels in India. In this write-up, I have decided to share some of the gyaan that I have acquired from my valued possession.

According to the book, Vishnu is the creator of the universe. Vishnu, while enjoying on his sarp-couch in the ocean of milk, in his deep unconsciousness, created Brahma who sits in the lotus which is attached from the navel point of Vishnu’s stomach. When Brahma came into existence, he found himself very lonely and unaware of his identity as well. In order to know who he was, he tried to discover who he was not. Hence, he thought deeply and created four sons, better known as ‘Sanat-Kumar. Brahma then asked them to produce children; Sanat Kumars didn’t know how to produce children and they could fulfill Brahmajee’s wish. Brahma then created ten more sons called ‘Prajapatis,’ from his deep unconsciousness.

Alike his earlier command, Brahma asked ‘Prajapatis’ to produce children. They were more mature and intelligent than ‘Sanat Kumars.’ They requested their father to give them wives in order to produce offspring. Confused Brahma thought again and from his left organ a creature came into existence who was different from his sons. She was extremely beautiful and had a different body shape.

Her radiance and beauty attracted everyone including her father, Brahma jee. He felt uneasiness and felt strong desire to see her again and again. All four of his heads started following her in all directions, she was scared by the look in his father’s eyes. Her uneasiness forced her to run away from the place and curiosity compelled Brahma jee to follow her. In this chase, the daughter took several female forms such as cow, lioness, mare, and others. To match her different forms, Brahma jee also took concerned matches such as ox, lion, horse and others.

Later on, these forms are recognized as ‘jeevas.’ According to Hindu Mythology, there are about 84 lakhs jeeva on the earth.

Interestingly, it is believed that the curiosity is still in all male jeevas and compelling them to follow their female partners.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Books: My Real Campanion!

I love books. Not because they give me information or knowledge on a topic but because they are my best companions. I feel delighted to with them and do my necessary mental exercises with them. They give clarity to my understanding and show a direction to my thought process. Books light up a way for me when I found myself amidst the darkness of doubts and confusion. Books, my companion, hold my hand and take me through a journey of ages wherein I experience how things evolved or came into existence. Every word of a book knits a story for me to remember and connect with so various fields. What would I be without the learning that I get from books?

I remember a time when I had no one to talk to, depression trapped my mind and I was on the verge to get lost. It was my companion, books that give me a helping hand to break the darkness around me and face the light hidden beneath. I read and read to enrich my knowledge and improve my understanding in order to become a better person. With my improved wit, I can see different aspects of a situation, problem or subject.

Books are like that necessary ground that nurtures a sapling so that it can become a strong tree. Read books and secure friends forever!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Interesting Facts on Women Health

A woman's sense of smell is most sensitive during ovulation.

During menstruation, the sensitivity of a woman's middle finger is reduced.

Male hospital patients fall out of bed twice as often as female hospital patients.

The average female will have 3.3 pregnancies in her life.

Womens' hearts beat faster than mens'.

The average woman is 5 inches shorter than the average man.

The largest cell in the human body is the female egg and the smallest is the male sperm.

Woman has approximately 4.5 liters of blood in her body, while men have 5.6 liters.

Women blink twice as often as men

Chances of a women getting breast cancer are increased by excessive use of alcohol.

The risk of cardiovascular disease is twice as high in women that snore regularly compared to women who do not snore.

A pregnant woman’s dental health can affect her unborn child.

Friday, September 4, 2009



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