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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Moon, My Lover

I want a moon for my lover

Distant and deep

With light shining bright

Uplifting my spirit many leap

I want a moon for my lover

Big and full of him

With impressive attitude and catchy zeal

Widening my mindful whim

I want a moon for my lover

Silent and observant

His questioning eyes fixed on me

Glaring my thoughts and rant

I want a moon for my lover

Curious and calm

Challenging my world and me

Igniting my instincts into new realm

I want a moon for my lover

Bold and loud

Speaks without voice

And, I wonder why I shout?

I want a moon as my lover

Come to me

And taking me to the place

That only meant for me!!!

Monday, August 15, 2016


I - Independent as we became
N - a Nation rises and grows strong
D - Diversified  & Democratic as we choose to stand
I - with Immense proud and valor act
A - and Attitude that defines righteous action aloud

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Massive Uttarakhand Floods

Saturday, May 18, 2013

My Life

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Holi Celebrations!

Here's wishing everyone a very happy and colorful holi..Spread happiness, love and laughter!!!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can't accept not trying.
Michael Jordan

Life can be tricky and surprising, but it definitely teaches a lot. I haven’t realized it until I
tasted the water myself. Hailing from a small city, my life was simple and easy. Unaware of
my hidden identity, I was a carefree bird that kept wondering nowhere.

After my high schools, the family decided to send me to New Delhi to explore my
possibilities for becoming a professional. Adjustments to new city and lifestyle were
challenging yet interesting. I slogged hard to reach at per with the urban people.

Three years of rigorous and persistent hard work helped me to embark my career journey
with high hopes that ended soon. Difficulties in career forced me to take up newer
opportunities where I could not be adjusted comfortably and I failed.

With the passing time, frustrations piled up and made me suffocate even into my own skin.
I was losing myself rapidly and in the meantime, I lost my love as well. Trapped badly,
I failed hopelessly. Depressed and sad, I tried everything to gather me; finding faults in
others, cribbing night & day and denying the reality. But, it was failure that pushed me
through the darkness of unhappiness and uncertainty.

I failed, I cried, I cribbed and I cursed…but I got nothing out of it. I failed, I cried, I thought, I
analyzed and I worked…It got me everything.

Failure may sound negative but it has the power to steer amidst the stormy tempest. It
brought out the worst in me, my miserable thoughts, sad feelings, negative approach and
inability to cope up changes. It defined my limitations to go to any extent in state of despair
and anger. Initially, I could not get the hints from constant failures that I was facing but
gradually, I realized it. Whenever, I was losing track of my reality, failure came knocking me

Failures transformed my life. All I needed was to understand its hints. In fact, it actually
saved me from soon-to-come impediments and issues. Failure taught me the followings
valuable lessons in life:

Chasing never stops: As my best buddy, it chased me all the time.
Resisting won’t help: No matter how hard I resisted it, it embraced me tightly.
Thin line to cross: Failure is hidden inside success, it never was out of sight.
Better to get prepared: Open to failure to deal with it better.
Check the ego-meter regularly: As a necessary everyday alarm, it tinkled whenever
and wherever my mounting ego overtook my ambition and sensibility.
Hobnob with mistakes is good: It encouraged my mistakes to challenge me in the
eyes and uncover the artificial side of me.
Remember your ground: As the compulsory oxygen, it made me feel alive.
Rewind psyche to think clearly: It helped me rewind my psyche to think where I am
heading to and where I wanted to go.
Assessment is important: As an indispensable support system, it made me evaluate
my performance, productivity and deliverable.
Build your defense mechanisms: It provoked me to explore newer defense
mechanisms to tempt success.
Deals pressure cleverly: As a faithful companion, it helped me to gather courage to
deal off pressure better.
The road never ends: It helped me keep going on, no matters what happens.

Failure means failing…to achieve, to excel, to acquire, to perform, to desire, and to
prosper, but it also made me keep walking to my dreams, hopes, aspirations and above all

Saturday, December 29, 2012

RIP...the Unknown Girl

Today your spirit is free. Today you must be relieved. Today you must be watching. Today you must be thinking. Amanat, Nirbhaya, Damini…you can’t die, you are inside every woman…a part of us (women) has died today. RIP