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Friday, January 30, 2009

Is Yoga a threat to Islamic beliefs?

Muslims cannot practice yoga in its original form because it involves another religion”, says Harussani Zakaria, a controversial cleric from the northern Perak state of Malaysia.

Yet another sad news from Malaysia where practicing yoga is banned too too in a progressive country. This is the best example of a country's backwardness and inability to identity natural ways to improve the modern hectic lifestyle. The decision also indicates the power of government-backing Islamic organizations and their involvement in national decision-making.

Yoga is a form of exercise having roots in the ancient Hindu religion. It is a form of complete meditation wherein different aasanas are performed to get rid of many kinds of deadly illnesses and bodily injuries. This form of exercise is related to empower the inner power of a person to enjoy a happy and peaceful life. A regular practice of yoga helps in improving mental ability and leads to mind conscious and ability to understand and see things differently.

Regardless to its advantages, yoga is declared ban in Malaysia which is unfortunate and unreasonable. A ban on yoga is like ignoring a healthy way of living.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire: worthy to get international acclaims

An original concept written straight away from heart with a touch of reality always clicks. It reaches to hearts easily and gives the message. Slumdog Millionaire is the latest message that has become the hottest talk-of-the-town. It has a simple concept of a slum boy Jamal (Dev doesn't look like a slum boy) entering into a quiz show and ends up winning 2 crores, mind it he is uneducated and can't recognize Mahatma Gandhi's picture, strange..its a film after all. The story is not extraordinary however, the presentation is indeed captivating.

What I like about the movie is how each answer of the quiz relates to the life of Jamal. Also, the film puts a limelight on the lives of slum people especially children who lost their parents. It is a serious issue such children are deprived of proper education, normal childhood and a chance to make their life. What wrong if such children went on choosing wrong activities to fulfill their basic needs? The need is to pay attention towards children to make a better tomorrow.

Manglore Pub Attack: a question raised once again on the democratic setup?

It was shameful and disgraceful. Why on the earth in a country like India which is recognized as the largest democratic setup in the world needs people who claim themselves as 'protector of Indian culture.' Manglore pub attacks have once again threw lights on fanatics who can do anything to get their 15-minutes of fame. In the name of Indian culture, they abuse women, beat them mercilessly and insulted them and no one can do anything. Is Indian culture allows such hooligans having political influences to disgrace women that too in public? No, then why such people are needed. Why every ban and restriction for women only? Men, being the stronger sex can do what they want to. Who will decide what should be done?

I strongly condemn such incidents that are blots for the country. Fundamental groups should be banned because they are misusing their right to express their free views. Instead of creating constructive approach, these groups are trying to influence young minds targeting religion and cultural ethics which has no space in the growing country like India.

Let's raise our voices against such non-acceptable and illegal incidents and people involved in it. The best way to get rid of such people is to boycott them completely and give them public punishments so that they can never ever dare to think about such ideas.