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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Moon, My Lover

I want a moon for my lover

Distant and deep

With light shining bright

Uplifting my spirit many leap

I want a moon for my lover

Big and full of him

With impressive attitude and catchy zeal

Widening my mindful whim

I want a moon for my lover

Silent and observant

His questioning eyes fixed on me

Glaring my thoughts and rant

I want a moon for my lover

Curious and calm

Challenging my world and me

Igniting my instincts into new realm

I want a moon for my lover

Bold and loud

Speaks without voice

And, I wonder why I shout?

I want a moon as my lover

Come to me

And taking me to the place

That only meant for me!!!

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Alka said...

Very Nice!

Sudha Agarwal Rungta said...

Simple yet so catchy... lovely

Unknown said...

Thanks big sis.

Bijay Rungta (rungss) said...


Nidhi said...

Fallen in love with your beautiful words and want to continue reading them.Love u keep going...

Unknown said...

Big thanks

Unknown said...

Thanks for ur encouraging words

Ulhas Kavle said...

Awesome. When do you think of all this. A great work of poetry

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