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Monday, June 28, 2010

Honor Killing: The Killing of My Honor!

This is an English translation of my Hindi poem “ऑनर किलिंग: मेरे सम्मान का खून!”

I am the seed
It’s me, who is bearing, the responsibility to carry life
Beyond the passage of time
I am the one, taking care of eternity!

Whose life?
Humans who attacked me
For their phoney social image and respect
They awarded me death that death itself fears!

As a mother, I didn’t teach them this
As a sister, I didn’t tell them this
As a wife, I didn’t make them understand this
As a daughter, I didn’t ask them this

Then why?
Again and again, these vultures ate me up
Is my life not mine?
Why my dreams remain unfulfilled all the time?

I feel my throat choked up today
I feel burned with scars of constant humiliation today
I feel suffering and caged today
I am losing my breath today

To nurture the vessel
Of my family’s honor inside me
I gave up all my dreams, hopes and happiness
And it kills me every moment like a double headed serpent.

Whom should I trust?
Whom shall I call mine?
Coz’ my own have disgraced me
And took the very essence of my existence!

Forget Savitri! Stays no more Sita here!
Is this the development of humanity?
Hopes and smiles shattered
I will leave my lifeless body behind!

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Roopam said...

Rachna ji ...
you write on the burning issue and its good you think about humanity, it is good that you recognize the personal freedom.
but there is one thing that is noticeable that women are also responsible for this crime.
yes it is right that woman is exploited from many of the centuries but still they are not aware.
they give there silent agreement to the killers.
as you can see how much women have raised the fingers on the crime, negligible..
even the mothers , sisters and wives of murders are still unaware that if their relative murderers are doing something very heinous.
overall topic was good and you write also very well.

Rachana said...

Roopam: yes, you are right! thanks for your comment!

Phenomenal woman said...

ma'am ur poems are too good..... i work for a theater club and i want to use your poems in our nukkad natak

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