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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Be My Friend

I was so wrong,
I am always so wrong,
I live in imagination
I don't know many people;
How fool I am, isn't it?

I always get betrayal in my life.
Ignorance has become my friend
As it goes on, wherever I used to;
My illusion can't beat this darkness.
My heart sinks with it; take me out,
I need a hand for suppot.
I need a crutch for my helpless feets
I need you, I need you

I am sure we have great time together,
I do my best for your happiness,
I take all your pains,
You take all my gains.
I want to experience the strength
which you are holding
feel my regrets with me,
I sek the support, that is you
I need you, I need you.

Let's feel the magic of friendship,
It's strength and purity,
The involved commitment it has,
It's unspoken beauty from soul,
The impact it put on us,
The way, it changes us,
The way, inspires us to live,
The way, it speaks, changes everything.

It is the realtion of relations
Please, keep a cornor of your heart blank,
For a poor, who wants to show itself.
Needs a chance to fulfil all your expectations.

That is me, need a few words of,
love and affection.
I need this feeling from you,
I need you, I need you.

a school poem

Power of communication

Communication is power in every sense. It is a two way process to get effective results. In this fast changing world, the importance of communication has become transformed our lives. It is only because of proper exchange of ideas, thoughts and opinion that we have gained success in every aspect of our lives. Imagine, through communicating you meet so many like-minded people and revert back with further better ideas to develop concepts. I also believe communication is essential for self-awakening. Self-awakening for developing a critical thinking, knowing about your role in the society, rights and evaluating the power of liberty or freedom in oneself. Further, the idea of self-awareness also helps in better understanding of the inner self. With proper dialogue with your inner identity, you can actually make out what do you want and in what way you can achieve your goals. Communication helps in choosing the right path of the life too. When you are bold enough to contradict with yourself, your decision making capability will also grow and mature. This maturity will help you to decide your own path to follow and you can be a better person in the last. In short, try to develop the power of communication within you to get an aimed life and to tackle many challenges to become a real human being in the end.