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Monday, August 31, 2009

Explore Yourself to Enjoy the Life!

What is the most valuable knowledge of the world?

I say it is the knowledge about yourself. How much do you know about you? The journey inside you is worth as you get to know who you are in the real life. You will come across your negative points and limitations and find suitable ways to counter those limitations in order to emerge as the true winner of your life. So, why not to spend some time with yourself and asking your self about you?

Have you ever given a thought on why some people end up registering their names in the history and some people stood no where and they are lost with the pace of time? Well! People who call themselves ‘successful’ have better exposure of their inner powers and capabilities than people who fail to recognize who they are and what they can do during their lifetime.

Ways to Discover:
Approaching yourself is not easy. You need a flawless concentration, focus on your thoughts, observation on your emotional flow, a careful evaluation on your thinking pattern, thinking about your goals, ambition, desires and wants. Analyze why you shed tears, what makes you laugh, what you want to see and hearing what makes your heart jumps with happiness or what makes you sad.

Identify your habits and your reactions and make a note on everything to evaluate what you do make the sense or not. You can take inspirations from people who you think can justify their actions and thoughts. Interact with a network of people with varied interests; it will help you to revive your self-esteem, confidence, trust, gut feeling and whim.

Ask yourself are you comfortable with you? Once you realize your comfort level, you will be easily interact with others and share your mind freely. A defined comfort level helps you to interact with others more comfortably by giving their own comfort level. When people are comfortable with you, they tent to share their feelings and emotions more successfully. However, it is good to observe people before opening up all of a sudden. Try to understand their needs and opening level then decide what can make them happier; hence act accordingly.

Set your own challenges and work hard to perform to the best. Experience your life gradually and mature your understanding with every passing day.

Life is beautiful and you can make it more beautiful by enriching your knowledge about yourself first!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Words: Simple Yet Complex, Easy Yet Difficult!

Words are the only power that you all possess. Whether you are rich or poor, educated or uneducated, child or adult, the power to use right words at the right time can definitely make you look different from the crowd. Words are the balm for anyone in pain, a tool to get instant relief for people suffering a grief, a medium to share happiness with your loved ones, a way to express your anger, sadness, dissatisfaction and eagerness, a quick method to help others when they need you, and a channel to let others know about your ideas, thoughts and opinions successfully. Hence, if you try to learn the correct usage of words, nothing is impossible for you.

How You Learn?
It is indeed a true fact that the initial teachers are family, teachers at school, people you meet and friends with whom you play and grow up. You take something from everyone and hence shape up your understanding and knowledge. This gained maturity and understanding helps you to inculcate proper words in your language to give a shape your thinking, feelings and ability to share things. Your words showcase a lot about you as a person. The usage of words reflect your aim & aspirations, thought process, creative ability, knack of innovation, and ability to present yourself as a better human being.

Isn’t simple collection of words possesses magic which changes your whole state of being? A simple line “I care you,” realizes you the care expressed by the speaker, “I understand you,” gives the sense of affirmation that he/she is with you whatever you do at any point of time. “I love you” expresses the never ending love that you share with the speaker, and “I die for you” states your importance to the speaker for his/her survival.

So, realize and remember the effects of words. Get into the real meaning of words before uttering anything. Also, speak right words to right people, I am sure your life will definitely change forever.

Enjoy the power of words and put your best to strengthen it with each passing day!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Utopia of Greed

More, more, more...the quest is endless! Many people just love collecting more; they live in the utopia of greed which has no end...

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Fear: Your New Life Guru

I love fear. Don’t think I have lost my mind completely!

It is the best teacher you can have to understand and determine the course of entire life including the actions you take, the thoughts you develop, and the decisions you make.

Agreeing to the fact that fear is a dreadful beast that obstructs your doors of growth and prosperity; it guides you see through the darkness of your mind and soul. For instance, when I get on the top of some high-rise buildings where there is a real potential to fall or vertigo, I get to feel my nerves that challenge my fear level. I don’t surrender to my fear but go forward to face it again and again.

It makes a perfect sense that if you jump into the loops of fear, you begin to explore yourself. You can overcome your dreadful feelings as fear has no involvement in your decision making process and it becomes your partner no longer an enemy.

Hence, the aim is to make a friendly relationship with your fear level and use it to lead a better life.

Friday, August 14, 2009


Enjoy the Festival and Have Unlimited Fun today......

Take a Step to Growth and Freedom on This Independence Day

A View from 1947:

It was a regular day. Like everyday, the sun smiled in the East. Every leaf and flower knew something special had happened. The air was blowing differently with a touch of freshness, closeness and excitement. Birds were chirping as they wanted to share a joyous historic news which can change the future of the world. People were overwhelmed with their emotions as they sense freedom in the real sense. Some were nervous as they consider themselves responsible to shape up the future of a great nation and her people. Some were crying as they had lost all the hopes to witness such an unforgettable moment. Some were very excited and they run from lanes to lanes to tell everyone about the same. The morning came, the flag was hoisted, salutes exchanged, and India was officially recognized as an independent country.

A View from 2009:

It is a regular day. Offices, schools and other institutions are closed to commemorate the 63rd year of the country’s independence. Most people are at home, lazing around, extending their sleep hours, watching televisions for no reason. “Are you excited today?” Ask anyone. They answer, “why excitement, it’s just another holiday.” School going children are excited as they got to wear funny dress to perform their acts in the school independence day celebration. Security personnels can be seen everyone, keeping a strict vigilance on the activities taking place on the day, as most of the cities of the country are under serious terrorist threats.

Are we enjoying our independence in the true sense? Is relaxing at home the whole day only way to mark your care for the nation?

Come out and join hands to fight ill-forces that are making the roots of the country weak. Stand up against injustice, discrimination, deteriorating moral value and killing of human rights. Then only, we can celebrate an Independence Day, the national festival of India in the real sense.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Independence Day: Are We Truely Independent?

Yet another Independence Day or a day of holiday!

Most of us would be lazying around at home or enjoying watching tv to commemorate the 62nd anniversary of the country's independence. But the question remains the same? Are we truly independent?

Inflation is increasing day-by-day. Even the famous daal-roti is beyond the reach of a common man. Today, the prime minister has given a hint that the burden of price rise is still out of control. So, get prepared to pay more as due to lack of rains, the prices of all essentials will be going up further.

The threat from diseases and illnesses is worse than terrorism and inflation that Indians have accepted in their life. So far, Swine Flu has claimed 2 lives and the number is expected to increase further. The terrorism activities have never reduced but have increased with the time. Now, terrorists are encouraged enough to threat to a major sports event. Isn't a shame?

Recession is taking jobs of many people. Youngsters are worried about their future and so are people who have jobs in hand. They don't know how long they will be able to serve.

Life is challenging but, we have to make adjustments to make it better.

Amidst so many problems, still smiling...Wish You a Very Happy Independence Day.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Swine Flu in India: Basic Information!

Like every 14-year old, she was a happy child. One day, she fell ill and got admitted to the local hospital. However, the lack of proper medical attention and inability to identify the true causes of her illness, Rida became the first victim of the deadly disease called ‘the swine flu.’

Swine flu, officially known as H1N1 flue, is a kind of respiratory disease which is caused by Type A influenza viruses. The disease was initially broke out in Mexico and the United States in March and April in 2009.

The common symptoms of swine flu are very much similar to seasonal flu that include cough, fever, sore throat, body aches, runny nose, fatigue, headaches and chills. In advanced stage, patients may experience nausea, diarrhea and vomiting as well. So, far 429 deaths have been reported by swine flu. The total number of confirmed cases of H1N1 world wide is 94, 512. In India, Rida Sheikh of Pune is the first victim of this deadly disease. The total number of swine flu toll has reached to 574 of whom 470 have been discharged from hospitals. However, the number of patients has been increasing every day.

The Disease:
H1N1 is a contagious disease and usually spread from human to human through normal air contact such as sneezing and coughing of infected people. If you touch the flue infected things and then touch your mouth or nose, your chances of getting the virus are quite high.

To protect yourself from this disease, it is important to stay clean, avoid touching nose or mouth with bare hands, avoiding close contacts with infected people. Non-vegetarians are suggested to eat properly cooked meat only.