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Thursday, November 26, 2009

26/11 -- on its First Anniversary

Time heals everything; all pains, worries, tensions, confusion, and, suffering. Is it true? Today, when India, the proud nation, is paying tribute to the martyrs and victims of 26/11 Mumbai Terror Attacks, every eye is wet.

On this fateful day, terrorists held the whole city of Mumbai hostages for nearly 60 hours. In this combat between security personnels and terrorists about 170 people lost their lives and more than 300 people are reportedly wounded. Many foreign nationals were among victims.

Is paying homage the best way to deal with such situations? Do you think the probe in Mumbai terror attacks is satisfied? Responsible for this attack are roaming freely and we are paying homage with candle, flowers and placards, is it enough? Do you think we have done justice to people who fought continuously for around 60 hours?

It is the time to think and join hands against terror...Remember the heroes who never die and will remain in our hearts as an inspiration that evil has short life.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Which Color Do You Want?

Tippy Tippy Tap, Which Color Do You Want? Sounds familiar? Isn’t it?

This is the game which I used to play with friends and sisters, when I was a little girl? The question may seem easy and trivial. But, it is quite important and expressive. Isn’t it?

I love blue as it is the color of sky and water. Watching sky, I think about my limits as sky has no limits. I try to find my horizon and reach when I look up to the sky. Water is free flowing and always running. When stuck in some problems, I look at the water and observe its interesting features, get a new energy of my own and start again.

Red is fiery as my temper. It is the color of passion, aggressiveness and feelings. I love red as my passionate about things that I have in my life.

Green is calm and beautiful color. Being the color of the nature, green is everywhere. It indicates prosperity, and happiness.

The color Yellow indicates the power of the sun that comes everyday to motivate me to start a fresh day. Make my own day, set goals and work hard to achieve them.

Purple is an interesting color. Recently, I catch the fancy of this attractive color as it makes me confident and bold.

For me, orange is sacred color. I wear it on many important religious occasions but also wear in normal days. It brings me peace and luck.

White is the color of purity. It is the color of compassion and emits its power and energy continuously.

Most people misunderstood this color, but I generally associate it with richness and luxury – the color black. The color indicates elegancy, class and formal appearance. I feel black holds a mystery inside. Usually, it refers to a meaning which is hard to imagine or opposite to what it actually appears.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Are We Victims of Emotional Imbalance?

The combat between emotion and practicality is not new. Every day, we exchange a flow of emotions and get hurt in return. Ironically, this cruel barter of emotions still persist, hurting souls, bodies and minds. Overcoming intelligence and sensibility, this cruel exchange of emotions lead our downfall; morally, spiritually, logically and personally.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Power of Listening is Essential for Enjoying More Freedom in Life

The world is marching ahead in full-swing. The time is running out making advances to a better and new world. How can you maintain your prominence in this changing world holding on your important, vision and ability to explore? The answer is power of listening that entices you to remain intact with long-term goals while facing the biggest of challenges of your life.

It is true that the riding on the power of technology human being can define a new height of success. Still, technology has not always successful in making you stay ahead of competitors and focused on challenges, hurdles and impediments. The power of listening assists you to make you feel comfortable in any odd situation by breaking all communication barriers approaches that may hinder your path of success. The power of listening develops greater understanding and effective analyzing abilities to get an insight on each and every situation. Apply different kinds of listening approaches to strengthen your listening power and analyzing abilities. To strengthen your abilities, you can start with sharing general news and later moves on serious developmental discussions.

Sharing the mind with groups and individuals can help you to generate extraordinary powers while listening to others. You can judge their speaking posture, behavior, thinking pattern, choice of words, command on subjects, expression, language, seriousness in voice and flow of thoughts. A good listening power helps in taking out your negative powers as well. Many people get hyper while talking on their subject of choice. When you listen carefully, you will analyze the impacts of frustration and anger shown during the discussion.

Strengthen your power of listening and gain more freedom of expression in your life!