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Saturday, June 26, 2010

What Women Want?

This is in response to 'What Women Want', by blogadda with pringoo

W omen search for respect
H umor & humility denoting high taste
A nd a defined space of their own
T hey yearn for fair challenges.

W here they show dedication & commitment
O pportunities to strengthen their existence
M oney to buy everything they desire for,
E qual rights with their counterparts
N ights and days of endless love and romance

W ords of appreciation and gratitude
A great family to support
N umber of trustworthy friends to share laughter
T hat’s all, women want!

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Vikram Karve said...

Women want TRUST...
and of course all the things you mentioned...

Rachana said...

Vikram: I agree! thanx for comment!

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