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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Separation, Will I Gain Something?

Separation is pain, suffering and failure
As it is a blot on integration, tradition and culture
Who gained from this so far?
And who will gain this time?

History evidences the outcomes of separation
No development, no opportunities, no enlightenment
Because administrators are too busy in their upliftment
Masses suffer and leader rejoice
After all, it is their choice.

Development means equal opportunity for all
Free from old beliefs and rituals
Independence of thoughts and freedom of choice
Not a single drop of tear in every eye.

Will you ensure that?
Employment for all
Businesses boom and better living standard without fail
Corruption not for sale
Happiness not pale
Terrorists not on bail
Free education for children and female
Proper food and no one falls ill
Transportation runs smooth and no delay in timings of rail
Communication reaches everywhere in wholesale
Women not in veil
No police to watch on morale
Clean air that can be inhaled
Clear sound of children gale

If yes, go for it.
If no, I am not with it!

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