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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sapna kitna suhana (सपना कितना सुहाना)

कल रात, आँखें मूँद
जब मैं सोयी बेचैन
रंगों भरे सुनहरे
सपनो में खोयी जो,
मिला मुझे सुख-चैन!

सपनो में नवीनता की आस थी
जो मेरे अन्दर कही आप ही थी!
उसकी महक तो मेरे साथ भी थी
वो उम्मीद जो कुछ खास थी!

लगे सपना कितना सुहाना
अनजाना सा फिर भी लगे अपना सा !

Sapna kitna suhana

Kal raat, aankhein moond
Jab mein soyi bechain
Rango bhare sunhare
Sapno mein khoyi jo,
Mila mujhe sukh-chain!

Sapno mein naveenta ki aas thi
Jo mere andar kahi aap hi thi
Uski mehak to mere saath bhi thi
Woh ummed jo kuch khas thi!

Lage sapna kitna suhana
Anjaana sa fir lage apna sa!

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forgotten said...

Hi,Sapna kitna suhana its fabulous specially these lines लगे सपना कितना सुहाना
अनजाना सा फिर भी लगे अपना सा !
yes rachana sapna apna hi tha.

Himanshu said...

Imagination is more important than knowledge.

Great..keep going on.. write more..

"Capture your dreams and your life becomes full. You can, because you think you can."

Rachana said...

thank you...

Amit Choudhary said...

Har woh anjana, jo kahin lage apna,
Sapna ban, phir phir aa jata hai.
Laga bun ne, naye naye sapne,
Kai aas chor jaata hai.

Teri har kavita, un sapno ko jaga jati hai,
Us anjane kee, anjane me hee rachna ho jati hai.
Lago bun ne, phir phir yahan, kahin koi,
Aas chut naa jaye, bebak kahi reh na jaye.

Rachana said...

Thanx Amit for your stopping by my lines...good lines..

Amit Choudhary said...

It's good to see your poems in a good frequency. I'm unable to understand that how someone can produce so nice poems at such short intervals. I read each of your poem regularly and have started becoming your fan. The above eight lines are simply a gesture of appreciation to your poems. It's not as good as your poems, but believe me these lines came out without any planning, just by reading your poems on dreams. Keep going.

Rachana said...

thanx again for your kind words...words come within me as a flow...i dont plan anything...believe me...reagrdng your lines...i am sure you will keep your flow unchained....all the very best...


Amit Choudhary said...

You are right!

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