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Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year: New Dreams and New Fears

Amidst so much fun fair and show
Arrived another year
Brings new hopes and fear

Will the little girl at the corner
See the rainbow this year?
Who will fill colors in her broken dreams?
Who will bring never ending smile to her lips?
Journey unknown, aspirations unidentified
Things move on to a new light.

I have a new dream which says no to dreaming
Put efforts and decide you will
Say, nothing is impossible
As of matter of fact, it indicates I am possible
Overcome your fears
Because you have the power to bear

In a crowd of millions who dare to act
Only thousands survive who actually react
Who says you can’t make it?
Look within and ask your soul to wake it
The capacity and power to lead
Determination to make it

See the sunshine and its eternal light
Why keep your life plain white?
Color yourself in the depth of hopes
Look ahead and never stop
As happiness is all yours
You deserve it and make it yours!

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