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Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Poem for My Best Friend, Amrita!

For Amy!

My Friend Amrita, Moti!

Met by chance
Stayed by choice
Grew each day
Together, every way!

Shared laughter
Endless moments soon after
Cried in pain
Lived life plain
You were the Jane!

Shopping with you was fun
Watching movies with you a sin
Your attention diverted
Your mouth always shouted
Indeed, spending time with you was always fun!

Simplicity I liked in you
Wit in you, I admire the most
My birthday gift is due
That I am not going to forget, at any cost!

Engaged, you’re on the verge of a new life
Yes, you’re going to be someone’s wife
Just want to tell you,
I am happy for you the most
Watching you settling down happily
Has been like, fulfilling a personal goal sunnily!

Here I am wishing you the best
For new responsibilities and opportunities
That you’re going to get very soon
Trust me, your life would be
As colorful and beautiful as
The playground of moon!

As the new role is calling you
Do you remember, what I told you?
I will be there for you
In everything and every way
Beyond the lines or boundaries
Time zones and weather conditions,

You know why?
Feelings have wings
That take you wherever you want to be
My heart is with my dear friend
Which are you, stupid!

So, don’t think that I can’t bug you anymore
I will come again and again
Irritating and nagging you
As I have done so far!

Enjoy and welcome this new happening
Including me!


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