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Monday, August 9, 2010

A B'Day Note!

It’s my birthday today. I am feeling really excited and happy as a young child. Right now, I am feeling introspective, emotional, hopeful and a little sad...a year older..:-) Earlier, I didn’t like birthdays in particular. But, after I entered into my work life, I started realizing and giving importance to every small moment which makes the life more beautiful and livable. I am thankful to God for blessing me with a beautiful and supportive family and a few friends whom I can look upon at the time of distress and sadness.

My idea of enjoying a great birthday is to pamper myself in every possible way. For that, I shopped, I ate, I wore, I acquired as much as I wanted yesterday. My anchor support and reasons of my living (family and friends) showered and still showering their love upon me with their kind blesses. Yes, I have every reason to enjoy and love the day!

Plans for the next year? I haven’t thought about any in particular as the day is about enjoying! Maybe, looking ahead to win more poetry competitions, do massive writings, explore new arenas, win hearts, create value and become more valued.

Happy B'Day, Rachana!

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