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Friday, April 9, 2010

अजीब दोस्त!

तुम भी अजीब हो
तुम्हारी दोस्ती का रंग
भी बड़ा निराला है!

तुम्हारी बातों के तीर
मेरे मन में गहरे उतर गए है
उनके निशान ऐसे जड़े है
जैसे, ऐसे ही छपे थे सदा
गहरे मेरे मन में!

बड़ा मुश्किल होता है
नीरस सदा अकेले चलना
एक प्यारा साथी ही सिखाता है
गिर कर भी संभालना
आँखों में आंसू लिए भी मुस्कुराना!

हाँ, मान लो अजीब हो तुम
पर, सजीव बनाते हो
मुझे और मेरी कविता को!

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Arvind said...


To be frank..I didn't like it.

It was quite flat and didn't carry any emotion.

You could have made it more better..


Rachana said...

Hi Arvind!

I am sorry if my poem fails to captivate you. But, certainly this poem carries emotions and essence.


Mayank said...

Hi Rachana,

The poem captures an essential emotion in simplest of words... what makes it special is the heart you must hv put into it....

real nice

Mayank said...

read some of your poems.. liked the individualist theme in them.. you should try readin ayn rand.. m sure u wl like her works...

Rachana said...


Thank you so much for your comment.

I like Ayn Rand's work...in fact...The Fountainhead is one of my personal favorites...I have her "Atlas Shrugged" as well...will read it soon..

BINDU said...

Acchi Kavita Hai.. acche bhawnaon k santh likhi gayi hai..

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