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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Your Smell of Coffee! - A 55 Words Fiction!

Silently, I sat there with your memories. My throat needed something to swallow. I made the coffee, the way you liked - creamy and strong!

Something clicked me, when I was about to take a sip. A pinch of salt that you put into the cup. After your departure, I realized it smells like you!

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- The Virgin Author! said...

I personally love Fiction 55, for its simplicity, and the thoughts which it provokes in one's mind. And this was well written! :) Loved it.

Shahid said...

Hey...that was nice...old memories can come back at even the most minor of provocations


Ana_treek said...

Subtle, and powerful!

Rachana said...

The Virgin Author: Recently, I learned about this format and liked it very much..glad u liked this.

Shahid: indeed, memories can come back anytime...thanx for liking my story.

Ana_treek: thank you for appreciating my lines!

Rup said...

wow... that clicked right where it shud... nice.. amazing.. guess i need to follow more of fiction 55! :) :)

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