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Monday, May 24, 2010

A Question!

Dear God,

Daddy loved you. Mama loved you. But, I don’t love you. Why should I?

You didn’t come when our plane crashed. You ignored our cries when we called you up. You didn’t hold our helpless hands when we needed you the most.

Why did you send me? I had just opened my eyes...!

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Chandan Kumar said...

You are taking God's role in the accident only from negative aspect.

Once try to analyse the God from the aspect of the eight people who survived from the accident. I hope your complete thought will change.

That was not less than a miracle or a grace of GOD, So the eight people survived after watching their death.

Would request you not to be so much negative.

Rachana said...

Dear Chandan,

I appreciate your optimism. But, this story has been written from the eyes of an infant who just started his or her life. Don't you think, its a tragic end for an infant?


Saras said...

I fully agree with you. Whatever may be the reason to justify such horrible tragedies, like sins of previous birth etc,they are untenable as no one deserves such painful and violent end to their lives. Small children dying in such accidents are heart wrenching agony.

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