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Friday, August 21, 2009

Words: Simple Yet Complex, Easy Yet Difficult!

Words are the only power that you all possess. Whether you are rich or poor, educated or uneducated, child or adult, the power to use right words at the right time can definitely make you look different from the crowd. Words are the balm for anyone in pain, a tool to get instant relief for people suffering a grief, a medium to share happiness with your loved ones, a way to express your anger, sadness, dissatisfaction and eagerness, a quick method to help others when they need you, and a channel to let others know about your ideas, thoughts and opinions successfully. Hence, if you try to learn the correct usage of words, nothing is impossible for you.

How You Learn?
It is indeed a true fact that the initial teachers are family, teachers at school, people you meet and friends with whom you play and grow up. You take something from everyone and hence shape up your understanding and knowledge. This gained maturity and understanding helps you to inculcate proper words in your language to give a shape your thinking, feelings and ability to share things. Your words showcase a lot about you as a person. The usage of words reflect your aim & aspirations, thought process, creative ability, knack of innovation, and ability to present yourself as a better human being.

Isn’t simple collection of words possesses magic which changes your whole state of being? A simple line “I care you,” realizes you the care expressed by the speaker, “I understand you,” gives the sense of affirmation that he/she is with you whatever you do at any point of time. “I love you” expresses the never ending love that you share with the speaker, and “I die for you” states your importance to the speaker for his/her survival.

So, realize and remember the effects of words. Get into the real meaning of words before uttering anything. Also, speak right words to right people, I am sure your life will definitely change forever.

Enjoy the power of words and put your best to strengthen it with each passing day!

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prince said...

Hi Rachna,
Really appreciate your topic well and lot said. Its really gr8 to read the article and learn from it lot. Its very truly said that the words do make lot of sense in one's life, whether its his or her's expression, anger or love it all do really makes one feel special the way it is said. And through this u have really done a gr8 job by making one feel the importance of it. To make understand others for what they have to do is really a great great job. As usual i really admire you as a writer and a gr8 human being. Keep it up and a big salute.

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