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Friday, August 14, 2009

Take a Step to Growth and Freedom on This Independence Day

A View from 1947:

It was a regular day. Like everyday, the sun smiled in the East. Every leaf and flower knew something special had happened. The air was blowing differently with a touch of freshness, closeness and excitement. Birds were chirping as they wanted to share a joyous historic news which can change the future of the world. People were overwhelmed with their emotions as they sense freedom in the real sense. Some were nervous as they consider themselves responsible to shape up the future of a great nation and her people. Some were crying as they had lost all the hopes to witness such an unforgettable moment. Some were very excited and they run from lanes to lanes to tell everyone about the same. The morning came, the flag was hoisted, salutes exchanged, and India was officially recognized as an independent country.

A View from 2009:

It is a regular day. Offices, schools and other institutions are closed to commemorate the 63rd year of the country’s independence. Most people are at home, lazing around, extending their sleep hours, watching televisions for no reason. “Are you excited today?” Ask anyone. They answer, “why excitement, it’s just another holiday.” School going children are excited as they got to wear funny dress to perform their acts in the school independence day celebration. Security personnels can be seen everyone, keeping a strict vigilance on the activities taking place on the day, as most of the cities of the country are under serious terrorist threats.

Are we enjoying our independence in the true sense? Is relaxing at home the whole day only way to mark your care for the nation?

Come out and join hands to fight ill-forces that are making the roots of the country weak. Stand up against injustice, discrimination, deteriorating moral value and killing of human rights. Then only, we can celebrate an Independence Day, the national festival of India in the real sense.

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