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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Fear: Your New Life Guru

I love fear. Don’t think I have lost my mind completely!

It is the best teacher you can have to understand and determine the course of entire life including the actions you take, the thoughts you develop, and the decisions you make.

Agreeing to the fact that fear is a dreadful beast that obstructs your doors of growth and prosperity; it guides you see through the darkness of your mind and soul. For instance, when I get on the top of some high-rise buildings where there is a real potential to fall or vertigo, I get to feel my nerves that challenge my fear level. I don’t surrender to my fear but go forward to face it again and again.

It makes a perfect sense that if you jump into the loops of fear, you begin to explore yourself. You can overcome your dreadful feelings as fear has no involvement in your decision making process and it becomes your partner no longer an enemy.

Hence, the aim is to make a friendly relationship with your fear level and use it to lead a better life.

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