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Thursday, November 26, 2009

26/11 -- on its First Anniversary

Time heals everything; all pains, worries, tensions, confusion, and, suffering. Is it true? Today, when India, the proud nation, is paying tribute to the martyrs and victims of 26/11 Mumbai Terror Attacks, every eye is wet.

On this fateful day, terrorists held the whole city of Mumbai hostages for nearly 60 hours. In this combat between security personnels and terrorists about 170 people lost their lives and more than 300 people are reportedly wounded. Many foreign nationals were among victims.

Is paying homage the best way to deal with such situations? Do you think the probe in Mumbai terror attacks is satisfied? Responsible for this attack are roaming freely and we are paying homage with candle, flowers and placards, is it enough? Do you think we have done justice to people who fought continuously for around 60 hours?

It is the time to think and join hands against terror...Remember the heroes who never die and will remain in our hearts as an inspiration that evil has short life.

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Himanshu said...

क्यों न हो इंसानियत हैरान मेरे देश में
घूमते हैं शान से शैतान मेरे देश में

रोशनी की खो रही पहचान मेरे देश में
और अंधेरों की बड़ी है शान मेरे देश में..

जिस तरफ़ देखो तबाही,खून का माहौल है
खो गई क्यों प्यार की पहचान मेरे देश में

इस क़दर नैतिक पतन होगा किसे मालूम था
आदमी हो जाएगा हैवान मेरे देश में..

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