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Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Orphan’s Struggle!

Was I born orphan or
The world molds me into one!

Filled with glitters, my eyes had dreams
Of happiness, love and belongingness!
That faded away, shortly before I blinked my eyes!

The lady who gave birth to me
Abandoned me!
Coz, she couldn’t bear the blot of “illegitimacy”
That I inherited from her!

I know nothing about the sperm contributor of my DNA structure
What could be he like?
Pleasure...was that all he yearned?
The very same got my heart burnt!

Why am I illegitimate?
I possess equal rights to stand on my feet
I believe in the colors of my unclear dreams
I aspire to reach to the zenith of success
Empowered by the self and aided by the quest to explore
I realize my destiny!

Sadly, the blot will follow me everywhere
And, I will have to fight on every step
Just to prove legitimacy of my existence, every time!

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