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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

An Insight on the Creation of Human Beings- the Finest Form of All 'Jeevas'

Recently, I bought a book called, Non-Fiction Collection - Volume 3 by Penguin Publication from the 'International Book Fair' held in Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. It has a chapter on myth and mythology. As an average informed person, my mythological understanding is limited to famous tele-serials thankfully and successfully running on all prominent television channels in India. In this write-up, I have decided to share some of the gyaan that I have acquired from my valued possession.

According to the book, Vishnu is the creator of the universe. Vishnu, while enjoying on his sarp-couch in the ocean of milk, in his deep unconsciousness, created Brahma who sits in the lotus which is attached from the navel point of Vishnu’s stomach. When Brahma came into existence, he found himself very lonely and unaware of his identity as well. In order to know who he was, he tried to discover who he was not. Hence, he thought deeply and created four sons, better known as ‘Sanat-Kumar. Brahma then asked them to produce children; Sanat Kumars didn’t know how to produce children and they could fulfill Brahmajee’s wish. Brahma then created ten more sons called ‘Prajapatis,’ from his deep unconsciousness.

Alike his earlier command, Brahma asked ‘Prajapatis’ to produce children. They were more mature and intelligent than ‘Sanat Kumars.’ They requested their father to give them wives in order to produce offspring. Confused Brahma thought again and from his left organ a creature came into existence who was different from his sons. She was extremely beautiful and had a different body shape.

Her radiance and beauty attracted everyone including her father, Brahma jee. He felt uneasiness and felt strong desire to see her again and again. All four of his heads started following her in all directions, she was scared by the look in his father’s eyes. Her uneasiness forced her to run away from the place and curiosity compelled Brahma jee to follow her. In this chase, the daughter took several female forms such as cow, lioness, mare, and others. To match her different forms, Brahma jee also took concerned matches such as ox, lion, horse and others.

Later on, these forms are recognized as ‘jeevas.’ According to Hindu Mythology, there are about 84 lakhs jeeva on the earth.

Interestingly, it is believed that the curiosity is still in all male jeevas and compelling them to follow their female partners.

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