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Monday, September 7, 2009

Books: My Real Campanion!

I love books. Not because they give me information or knowledge on a topic but because they are my best companions. I feel delighted to with them and do my necessary mental exercises with them. They give clarity to my understanding and show a direction to my thought process. Books light up a way for me when I found myself amidst the darkness of doubts and confusion. Books, my companion, hold my hand and take me through a journey of ages wherein I experience how things evolved or came into existence. Every word of a book knits a story for me to remember and connect with so various fields. What would I be without the learning that I get from books?

I remember a time when I had no one to talk to, depression trapped my mind and I was on the verge to get lost. It was my companion, books that give me a helping hand to break the darkness around me and face the light hidden beneath. I read and read to enrich my knowledge and improve my understanding in order to become a better person. With my improved wit, I can see different aspects of a situation, problem or subject.

Books are like that necessary ground that nurtures a sapling so that it can become a strong tree. Read books and secure friends forever!

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