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Saturday, October 3, 2009

SEO Copywriting Techniques that Work

Writing SEO friendly copies is a challenging job as it is more about stuffing relevant keywords and creating meaningful lines. Nowadays, SEO copywriting is about making a powerful and impressive marketing copy that directly appeals to targeted customers. Content is like giving first hand information to customers about serviceability of a company. Content serves as a strong bond between customers and company as it briefly reflects vision and aims & aspirations of a business in its lifecycle.

Highlighting Factors that Influence a SEO Copywriting Include;

Title or Heading:
Title or heading is an important aspect of a SEO copy. A title defines a topic, gives a fair idea about what has been included in the body of the write-up. It can be a catching keyphrase or line that instantly catches attention. You can add keywords into your title so that search engines instantly crawls it.

First Paragraph or Start:
It is an accepted strategy to include a relevant keyword in the opening paragraph of a copy or webpage. It is because, no reader usually miss the opening lines of a copy. These lines should be attractive enough to catch eyes in first glance. Most search engines use the opening lines as the description of the copy. Thus, opening sentences should be powerful package that lure each visitor who comes to the website.

You can smartly use keywords in the subheads that guide readers to navigate down the page. Subheadings may include secondary targeted keywords or keyphrases to target customers. Subheadings can be treated like introduction of the topic discussed briefly after the subheads.

Use Related Words:
A copy can be called successful if it fulfills needs without missing a point. It has to give overall meaning without compromising on any aspect of a copy. To make your copy more meaningful and lucrative, you can use related words or synonyms. Use contextually relevant keywords that support your vision fully.

Lucid and Concise:
The best way to write an attractive and meaningful copy is to plan in advance. Think what all information your want to give on a particular copy. Make a note of everything in advance and take actions accordingly. A specific copy written in a lucid manner will truly justify company’s claims as a service provider.

Be Polite:
Your copy should be specific and convincing from a user’s point of view. Restrict yourself using any kind of command tone or words in your copy. Be polite and humble in your approach and use that to attract customers.

SEO copywriting is about writing a story. Each aspect and angle of the copy should be perfectly defined, expressed and explored.

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