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Friday, July 24, 2009

What I feel About Life, Love and Seclusion....

“You…complete me!” He said. With dangling eyes, I met the reality that time. We glanced to rebound the history that we created and nurture the plans for the unseen future. “Am I ready?” I asked. With a gleaming smile, he held my hand and pointed to the horizon where I can see the eternity…

Seclusion is the best tonic to gather you. When you are alone, sitting alone with a confused mind; you are filled with negative energies. Medication, retrospection and self-realization work as an equalizer to keep your mind happy. A happy mind brings back you!

Be it a journey, game, ocean, challenge, or a mystery -- Life is a delight. A sea-saw of happiness and sadness, sorrow and joy, opportunities and threats, strength and weakness, assets and liabilities; you as an opportunist have to foresee the risks involved and figure out the best possible actions to face challenges…

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prince said...

Hi Rachana,

Wonderful topic and wonderful words. I really admire your words and it has lot to explain.
Its really true that one has to figure out the best possible actions to face challenges… and the one who does that succeeds. This is life.

Really appreciate your work and keep it up. Hats off to you. We really care you and ur words. Eagerly waiting for your next topic. Bye

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