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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Women's Reservation Bill: Will it Change the Future?

Since its introduction in 1996, the Women's Reservation Bill is still struggling for its clearance from the Lok Sabha. After twelve years of its introduction, people who have established themselves as guards of politics still hesitant to give even 33% reservation to women in the Lok Sabha and state assemblies. Does this bill will ever see green light?

Women Reservation Bill is a perfect example of ugly politics stands in the country. Over the years, the governments have tried enough to get consensus on the matter but remain unsuccessful. Recently, in the common minimum program released by the UPA government, the bill is given a high priority. However, as always, the controversies and protests by women bodies and political parties, are making the proceedings difficult to continue.

This time the bill is on the floor of the Rajya Sabha. Hence, it becomes the duty of every responsible parliamentarian to gear up and make a common verdict on the fate of this bill. Thankfully, major parties are speaking in the same tune for the bill. Not to forget protest from other parties including JD, SP (especially Abu Azmi who tried to snatch the copy of the bill from H R Bhardwaj, the law and justice minister) and RJD. According to Laloo Yadav, the bill will benefit only women from elite class and widens the gap more. Does Mr. Yadav ever tried to minimize the gap or do anything for women empowerment?

The time has come for all parliamentarians to come forward and make a common verdict on this matter. This is a serious concern and should be taken given high priority. In addition, the bill is about women empowerment. It should not be mixed with caste, class and religion.

Encourage women to come out and contribute their best in building a better and happy future.

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