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Monday, November 17, 2008

My Morning Story.........I delayed going office again...very bad..

Sorry...I took a lot of time to make an effort to put my thoughts here...And I Have nothing new to tell...Just a thought came across in my mind and I couldn't resist sharing it with you all.

It was 8:00am when I blinked my eye suddenly..turned around and looked through window and felt morning breeze on my face...I felt happy and loved..but mere a thought of getting ready for the office made me sick. I struggled with myself to put up for the work..somehow I knew i have to go there is no other way out...after all paapi pet ka sawal hai bhai...

After much convincing I told myself..hey its 8 only..I can give myself 10 more minutes of freshness and sound snore (i don't snore actually) in blanklet..winter has started here in Noida..I dozed off again with a reassurance that I will wake again...suddenly i glanced to my watch...it was 30 minutes...then I thought hey lets take a short leave (in which we are allowed 2 hours relaxation). The idea of taking a leave made me happy again and I continued my dream journey for next a one and half hours...

A short leave got converted into a half day's leave and a half day leave became a full-day's leave..

When I reached next day...my boss called me and enquired about my health...I got confused...me unwell...ya...I was...I felt like sleeping throughout the day...didn't eat well...not well really...I heard myself explaining...

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prince said...

Hi, Rachana ji,
Wonderful written and really appreciate your concern for the society. Keep it up. Keep writing it. It can and really make lot of difference for the surrounding and the world. And loved your Morning story, it says lot and explains lot for todays generation. Best of luck and best wishes for all your other stories and comments. Tke care.

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